Willowpark Primary Academy


Our School target for good attendance is 96% +

If your child/ren is poorly and unable to attend school, you MUST contact the school by 8.45am to let us know.

You can do this by ringing the school office on 0161 359 5699.

The Office staff will discuss your concerns and help you to decide if your child is able to come to school, with some additional support, such as administration of prescribed medication.  Alternatively, you can ask to speak to Mrs Reid (attendance officer) regarding your child's attendance. 

Below is some additional information regarding attendance and the impact missing school can have.

Research shows that children with consistently good attendance at school (96%+), are more likely to achieve greater academic progress than peers with attendance lower than this. Please help us to maximise our children's chances by ensuring they attend school everyday!

Trust Attendance Policy 23-24

Willowpark Attendance Strategy



Parents attendance guide 

attendance matters a parents guide.pdf

 Rewards and celebrations!


  • Every half term, children with good attendance, or significantly improved attendance are rewarded a certificate and recognised for their efforts, including a photo uploaded onto Seesaw. 
  • At the end of a term, certificated are awarded by Mrs. Reid in our celebration assembly and photo's are shared on Seesaw and on our social media pages. 
  • We also award yearly prizes for good attendance/significantly improved attendance in our prizegiving assembly each year. Photo's are shared on Seesaw and our social media pages.

Small prizes such as badges, stickers, pencils and wristbands are also given to children as a reward at the schools discretion.



 Attendance Awards

 Our school has received 2 National Attendance Awards this year. Our attendance has been recognised as consistently good in comparison with other similar schools in England.  A great achievement which we hope we can continue to build on and improve even more.