Willowpark Primary Academy


Curriculum Rationale and Vision

Willowpark Curriculum Aims

We have developed our curriculum model at Willowpark to ensure that we provide a high quality broad and rich curriculum, developing the whole child.

Through our curriculum approach, we will create children who are enthused and excited about their learning and will endeavour to fully involve those around them in their primary education ensuring that by working together every child will achieve success.

In line with our Academy Aims, the curriculum we deliver develops knowledge, understanding and behaviours for learning that mean children are both motivated and equipped with the skills and ability required to be successful in the future. We are determined to ensure that, despite working in a disadvantaged context (with 60% of Pupils identified as Pupil Premium) everyone will make good progress and Willowpark pupils will achieve at least as well as all other pupils, because they are exceptionally well prepared for the next stage in their education. The curriculum we have developed will provide learning, opportunities and experiences that will equalize the life chances of our children. Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural learning is at the heart of everything we do.

Willowpark Curriculum Intent

At Willowpark, our focus on basic skills (communication, literacy and numeracy) is central to the teaching of all subjects so that we can effectively ensure that children progress quickly within all areas of their learning.  Our curriculum model is focused on the 3C's - Creativity, Compassion and Critical thinking.

 Breadth, depth and balance in an academic curriculum: The curriculum model we have developed is structured so that all elements of the National Curriculum are delivered progressively, building on prior learning and deepening knowledge so that it can be applied again in range of contexts using the skills taught.  Everything that happens in our Academy is seen as a learning opportunity, taught, hidden and wider curriculum and all these experiences will contribute to our pupils' academic, personal, social, moral, creative, physical and cultural development.

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Curriculum Implementation

The curriculum at Willowpark is organised through a topic based approach, which incorporates the key skills set out in the National Curriculum. Topics are designed to cover a whole term to enable children to gain depth in the knowledge and skills across the unit of work.  The use of computing is central in all topic areas to develop children's creativity and independent learning skills.

Teaching and Learning Approach

Our Teachers work hard to broaden the experience of the topics for our children through the use of trips and visitors into school and shared experiences of the wider school community - i.e./ involvement in schools linking project and the role of parents within our school. 

We have planned enrichment activities that supplement and support the curriculum within the Academy, alongside assemblies and projects linked with local, national and world news events at an age appropriate level.

Children's achievements are celebrated regularly through school newsletters, displays in classrooms and in shared areas and within our assemblies.

Information for Students with SEND and compliancy with Equality Act 2010

SEND Information for parents/families


You can obtain more information on our curriculum by speaking to your child's class teacher or a member of our Senior leadership team in school. Please contact the school office with your query.

Thank you.