Willowpark Primary Academy

The PANTS rule



Privates are Private 

Your underwear covers up your private parts and no one should ask to see or touch them. Sometimes a doctor, nurse or family members might have to , but they should always explain why and ask you if it's OK first.


Always remember your body belongs to you.

Your body belongs to you. No one should ever make you do things that make you embarrassed or uncomfortable. If someone asks to see, or tries to touch you, underneath your underwear, say 'NO' - and tell someone you trust and like to speak to. 


No means No

No mean No and you always have the right to say 'No' - even to a family member or someone you love.  You're in control of your body and the most important thing is how YOU feel.  If you want to say 'no', it's your choice.


Talk about secrets that upset you

There are good and bad secrets.  Good secrets can be things like surprise birthday parties or presents for other people.  Bad secrets make you feel sad, worried or frightened.  You should tell an adult you trust about a bad secret straight away.


Speak up - someone can help

Talk about things that make you worried or upset.  If you ever feel sad, anxious or frightened, you should talk to an adult you trust.  This doesn't have to be a family member , it can also be a teacher or a friend's parent - or even Childline 


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