Willowpark Primary Academy

Our Enrichment Curriculum 


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Spring Term 

Safer Internet Day 

On 7th February, we celebrated and focused on Safer Internet day in our School.  We decided that we needed to get involved in the campaign for a Youth Charter for a Safer Internet and so the Junior Leadership team organised for each class to focus on one core group of people who could help to influence how safe the Internet was. 

Early Years and Reception focused on themselves

Year 1 & 2 thought about Parents and Carers.

Y3 & 4 thought about teachers and professionals

Year 5 thought about the big Tech companies who have influence over internet used Apps - particularly Social media.

Year 6 thought the Governments both in the UK and abroad.

Considering each group identified, children discussed and identified what this group of people could do to help make a safer internet for us all. They agreed their suggestions as a class and filmed this to Create our overall Youth Charter.  (see below)


National Storytelling Week 

In Early February, we focused on National Storytelling week in our school.

Each class chose a class text that they have enjoyed reading and sharing together and created a class review of the book for others. Teachers and children talked about the plot of the stories, the characters, how the story made them feel and if they would recommend the book to other readers. Then they got creative and produced class book reviews which we have displayed outside the school Library -  we love the recorded reviews too!

Storytelling Week


Autumn term 

Black History Month

During the Autumn Term, we have been focusing on Black History Month in our classes and whole school assemblies. We have linked this to our work in British Values and developing Tolerance and Mutual Respect, for example in Year 1, children learned about Rosa Parks and her campaigning for equal rights for Black Citizens in America.

We have also thought about ourselves and what makes us unique and special. 

We have learned a whole school song to celebrate our individuality - keep an eye out for a video of our singing - (coming soon)



Summer Term 


 During the Summer 1 term , we have been celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee alongside our work on British Values.  We have welcomed our Local MP, Debbie Abrahams, into school to talk to us about democracy. 



We have been busy this term learning our Jubilee Celebration Song which we performed together in our Celebration Assembly. See us singing it here.


We have also been involved with Oldham's great Bunting project that aims to create a mile of bunting as part of the Town's Jubilee celebrations.  Alongside this, each class has had a computing project linked to the Queen and her Jubilee celebrations.

Reception class created an information video using facts that they have been learning in their provision.

 In Year 1, children used searching, saving and editing photo skills alongside historical enquiry to create timelines of significant events in the Queen's life so far. 


Year 2 used the APP 'Chatterpix' to animate images of the Queen. They recorded themselves talking as if they are the Queen and giving interesting facts about her. this is the first time they've used this APP and they had lots of fun doing it!



 Year 4 also used their animation skills, using Motion Portrait, to animate the Queen. They had to work carefully to research the information they would share in their animations, then they had to write a script before finally recording their animations.  It was important to try to line up the eyes and the mouth as accurately as possible. Lots of skills on display here - great job Year 4!




Spring  Term 

Global Citizenship 

Throughout the Spring Term, our topic based learning ha been driven by Geography and to further develop on this, our whole school project has been around Global Citizenship and what it means to be a Global Citizen.  At the start of the term, in our assembly we discussed what this is and each class was given a special project, linked to their topic work to explore and find out about, for example; Year 2 were learning about conservation of endangered species linked to their work on Mexico and found out about a special project at Chester Zoo to conserve an endangered species of Salamander, Year 4 were learning more about Global Warming linked to their work on the America's and how activists such as Greta Thunberg are making a difference and Year 5 thought about the work Malala Yousafzai, who campaigned for human rights in Earthquake ravaged Pakistan at just 13 years old, linked to their work on Natural Disasters.  Everybody worked hard to learn more how THEY can make a positive and what they might do to become a better Global Citizen now and in the future. #WillowparkWonderful 


Cultural Art Project - African Art

During the Spring term, children from across the Academy have been learning about the artwork and culture of Africa. We discovered that their artwork is often heavily influenced by the vast array of animals that live in this continent and animal pattern features regularly in their artwork and in creations such as head dresses and jewellery that are worn at special celebrations.  Children have created their own interpretations of these designs across school and have produced replica necklaces, masks and woven patterns alongside silhouette artwork. We think our display of their work is amazing!



Autumn Term  

Black History

Throughout the Month of October, we have been learning about Black History Month across our school.  We have held assemblies, both whole school and in our classes to learn about significant black figures both from the past and in the present day.

Each class across school was then asked to focus on one of these individuals, to learn lots about them and then present what they had learned  to the rest of school in a series of special assemblies.  Each class was creative, showed intrigue and interest in their learning and was celebratory in their presentations.  Fantastic effort Willowpark! #WillowparkWonderful




Autumn Term 

Disability Awareness


Throughout Autumn term 2, we have been learning about Disabilities within our enrichment curriculum. We have thought about the types of disabilities that a person can have - some can be seen as they are a physical disability but some are also unseen and you may not know someone has a disability just by looking at them.

We have shared examples of disability in our assemblies and some children (and staff) who have a disability were really brave and spoke to us all about how they are affected by their disabilities. 

We have looked at a variety of famous people, including TV presenters, sports people and Scientists who have a range of disabilities.

Year 2 thought about Alex Scott, a female professional footballer and TV presenter who has recently shared her struggles with her Mental Health. 

Year 4  have been finding out about the Scientist Stephen Hawking and his medical condition that caused him to become disabled.

Year 6 thought about their role and responsibilities in response to their relationships and behaviour towards someone with a disability.  They each wrote a pledge about how this will influence their behaviour and how they will treat everyone as equals now and in the future.


Autumn term - Cultural Art project: Chinese Art/Culture 


Our Pupils have completed their first cultural art project based on Chinese Art and Design.  We learned about the themes and colours commonly used within Chinese Art & Design work.  We have really enjoyed learning about another cultural by exploring their artwork and can't wait for our next project.