Willowpark Primary Academy



Intent, Implementation & Impact

At Willowpark, our aim is to teach Science so to inspire our own young scientists.  We want to instil our children with a thirst for knowledge and in turn, acquire a deeper understanding of the world in which they live.  We hope to  capture, channel and celebrate the natural curiosities of our children.  We are dedicated to ensuring our children have the confidence to question the world around them and work to foster a love of investigation.  Ultimately we want our students to discover, explore, question and build on their knowledge and skills and we hope to play a small part in creating the scientists of the future.

With this in mind, it is our intent that our students will;

  • become increasingly confident to question how and why things work/don't work.
  • Carry out observations using equipment accurately.
  • plan and perform experiments and ensure tests are fair.
  • Gather data and make accurate recordings of their findings.
  • Discover links and connections to their findings and the world in which they live.
  • Apply their understanding from practical activities through discussions with their peers.
  • Build in their findings, drawing on similarities and differences from previously taught science 
  • Be enthused by science and recognise its purpose and relevance in everyday life.

Science will be taught and implemented in a variety of ways at Willowpark and will include lots of opportunities for exploratory and investigative work for students.  Lessons will be inspiring , practical and purposeful whilst exposing children to  appropriate scientific vocabulary  to underpin the children's knowledge and enable them to not only work like a scientist but communicate like a scientist too!





Key Documents


Science skills and knowledge progression document  

science progression document.pdf


 Science Intent, Implementation and Impact document


science iii statement.pdf