Willowpark Primary Academy

Aims and Vision

At Willowpark we are -

'Achieving Success Together'

At Willowpark we aim to:


  • Ensure everyone in our Academy achieves their potential, both children and staff.
  • Develop respect, responsibility and resilience so that our children can be successful citizens, who value their community and make a difference both now and in the future.
  • Create a happy, secure and caring learning environment which benefits us all.
  • Encourage families to be involved both in their child’s learning and in community learning opportunities.
  • Ensure children have the core knowledge and skills to access future secondary education and beyond successfully.

Through our aims, we ensure we deliver the priorities of our partner, South Pennine Academies: 



  • Successful Students
  • High Performing Staff
  • Strong and Effective Leadership
  • Engaged Community