Willowpark Primary Academy

Meet our Key MHWB staff


We have a number of staff across the Academy who have undertaken training to support young people and adults across our Academy with Mental Health.

Having undertaken a 2-day training course our staff are equipped and knowledgeable  in

  • Understanding the context of mental health across England.
  • Identifying Risk Factors for mental ill health.
  • Identifying protective factors for mental ill health.
  • Promoting well being for all stakeholders in our Academy.
  • Using the ALGEE model to provide mental health first aid and support for someone with mental ill health or in crisis.
  • Signposting individuals to specialist support and agencies where they can access further information and help.


Our MHWB Governor

Emily Beach is our Local Academy Board member responsible for Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Emily is the director of Huddersfield Horizon SCITT, one of our key partners. Within this role, she has experience  of  supporting a wide range of students, colleagues and trainee teachers with their mental health and wellbeing and she brings a wealth of knowledge to this role as part of our Local Academy Board.