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Junior Leadership Team 


Hello, welcome to the Junior Leadership Team page for Willowpark Primary Academy.

We are a group of elected representatives for our classes and we work in school to help make changes and improvements to the curriculum and resourcing and we help to arrange enrichment activities.


Junior Leadership team 23-24



 Our Junior Leadership team representatives.


As a team we aim to help lead and manage 3 key areas within our work;

  • School based projects - an agenda for school improvement projects is devised early in the Academic year and we meet to discuss issues such as playground equipment and active play at lunchtimes, curriculum ideas and development, reading initiatives and after school clubs, amongst other things.
  • Community projects - the JLT meets to decide on projects that can have an impact on our local community.  Fundraising and volunteering projects that involve families from our community are organised and ran by the JLT, alongside other groups in school such as the reading council. 
  • World projects - the JLT also meet together to think about how we can have an impact on the wider world. Projects involving environmental action and charity fundraising allow us to see how we can have a positive impact on the world.


For example, this year we will be heavily involved with our new Rights Respecting School Ambassadors to further the work we have already achieved within our own classes and will support our teachers to by generating ideas and sharing feedback from our classes as to what is working well and how we think it can be improved. 

We will also help in a practical way wherever possible, representing our school at events such as Parents Evenings, Fairs and leading Charity Events within the school. 

This term (autumn) we will be involved in planning our whole school art project in collaboration with other schools across South Pennine Academies, as well as having an important role in saying goodbye to our current CEO. 

Our ideas are generated and shared at regular meetings  with staff and children in school and we share them with our school community in our termly  Academy Newsletter, in school assemblies and during feedback sessions with our classes.

Part of our role is to help to gauge the opinions of children in school by acting as the pupil voice for our classes, sharing good news with our teachers and helping to make changes that will benefit us all.

We will also be involved in evaluating the impact of the work we have done in school on the new curriculum and the impact it will have and similarly with the work on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion which is a big focus for our school this year.

Our Role in school is very important and we are proud to be Junior Leaders  within our Academy.


Junior Leadership Team




We elect new members of the Junior Leadership every year in the Autumn term through an application process and democratic vote 


JLT - Key Stage 1 Application form

JLT - Key Stage 2 Application form

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