Willowpark Primary Academy

Supporting our Staff

At Willowpark, we are committed to supporting the emotional wellbeing of our staff

A comprehensive staff health and wellbeing package supports the members of our team 

As a leadership team, we work in collaboration with South Pennine Academies to reduce work related stressors than can negatively impact on the emotional health and wellbeing of staff

Clear pathways of support are in place for staff at Willowpark


Staff Questionnaire - November 2022

 Staff Questionnaire - November 2021 



All staff have access to free emotional wellbeing support through Smartclinic.   Click on the image above to visit the website.


Adult Mental Health First Aiders  

Miss Crabtree and Mrs Reid

Our Adult Mental health First aiders are available to anyone needing advice or support in school. They are on hand to listen and guide staff to appropriate further support should it be needed. 

DFE Education Staff Wellbeing Charter


 At Willowpark, we have signed up to the Education Wellbeing Charter.

The Charter:

  • Was created by the education sector to highlight staff wellbeing in the Education Sector.
  • Is a tool for schools to create, and publicly commit to, their own Wellbeing Strategies.
  • Is a declaration to protect, promote and enhance the wellbeing and mental health of everyone working in Education.
  • Includes commitments on education staff wellbeing by the DFE and Ofsted.
  • Sets out principles of shared understanding on the meaning and importance of wellbeing and everyone's roles and responsibilities.
  • Sends a message to everyone working within schools that their wellbeing and mental health matters.
  • Aims to improve wellbeing in schools to encouraging debate and accountability.

We use the Charter at Willowpark to;

  • Show staff that we take wellbeing seriously.
  • open a conversation with staff about their wellbeing and Mental Health.
  • Create a wellbeing-focused culture within our Academy.

Anna Freud - Staff Wellbeing Handbook